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Itay Grudev

Itay Grudev GitHub

Co-owner and major author at #hacktag. Currently pursues a degree in Computer Science and Physics at the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

Itay is mostly interested in Linux, Security, Electronics and Amateur Radio. He is a talented developer and one of those people spending time to change your i++ to ++i, crazy about efficiency and beautiful code. His favourite technologies are C++, Qt and Ruby on Rails.

Email: i.tYouNeedJsToViewTheEmailay@@@hac

Email: it.aYouNeedJsToViewTheEmaily@@@gru

Website: https://itay.grudev.com
Callsign: M1JCM, LZ1JCM
PGP Key ID: A6F9DE98
Fingerprint: 9F3E 31C1 5E9C AE14 7B47 2A56 913C 021B A6F9 DE98
PGP Key: Download